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  • Elegance Period Furniture Kalis
    Elegance Period Furniture Kalis


Welcome to the world of Style and Beauty... Welcome at Elegance... Elegance is more than a furniture store, Elegance is a lifestyle... /K.Kalis/


Beauty is our deepest passion. Our wish is to transfer that passion into your homes, manors, castles, palaces... We admire beautiful furniture since forever and as a family-owned business we are happy to share the same values. "Elegance is more than a furniture store, Elegance is a lifestyle" This is the motto of our profession.


We find our rarities throughout Europe, thus we own masterpieces from Paris, English pearls in the very en vogue Chippendale-style or pieces made with German precision. Quality, originality and reasonable prices are the hallmarks of all our furniture, paintings, chandeliers and other accessories. This will enchant every admire of class and beauty...